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The J-Pipe Plug: Save your city or company thousands of dollars. The safe and economical way for plugging underground sewers. One plug can seal several pipe sizes. Designed to keep workers out of manholes, lift stations and other confined or closed-in areas.

Pipe plug specifications: Sleeves are made of 1/4" thick black neoprene banded to the end plates with stainless steel bands. The end plates are constructed of cast aluminum with a cast eyelet to accommodate the use of a safety rope and an air hose fitting.

The J-Pipe Plug is designed so that if the rubber sleeve is accidentally punctured, it can be repaired in the field in a matter of minutes.

The J-Pipe Plug can be inserted without a man entering the manhole. The presence of lethal gases are thereby avoided, helping to save lives.

The J-Pipe Plug is fast, accurate and easy to operate. It can be inserted and inflated even in flooded manholes.

Available Accessories:

Inflation Hose with Monitoring Gauge & Ball Valve (Release Valve)

Equipped with Schrader Valves
(Bike tire valve)

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Telescopic Aluminum Remote Placement Pole with Pole Attachment

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Made of special SBR rubber, these plugs are ideal for testing of plumbing systems in residential and commercial buildings. Available in multi size versions for pipe sizes from 2" to 8" in diameter. Due to high quality materials and workmanship, all SAVA plugs have a minimum safety factor of 3, ensuring a high level of reliability and safety. Plugs are equipped with a standard TR-15 (bike tire) valve.

Multi-size, Kevlar reinforced NR-SBR rubber plugs from 4" up to 72".

These plugs are molded using NR-SBR rubber and reinforced with Kevlar tire cording. All plugs are test designed at 3x their required inflation pressure in order to ensure durability and safety. Due to their light weight and short length, SAVA plugs are easy to handle even when dealing with large pipe diameter sizes.

All plugs are equipped with quick connect couplings and nipples.

Reinforcement sleeves are available for heavy duty applications.

Special NBR-CR oil resistant multi size plugs are also available from 4" up to 40"

Pillow Plugs are ideal for large pipe sizes where access is limited. When deflated, they can be folded up, inserted through a standard manhole, then inflated.

Standard sizes range from 24" up to 108" and can be manufactured with a bypass for testing and flow through applications.

Made of Kevlar reinforced NR-SBR rubber compound, these plugs are ideal for large diameter pipes or for applications where access to the pipe is limited. Mechanical blocking is required for safety as shown.

*NR = Natural Isoprene rubber | *SBR = Styrene-butadiene rubber

Single size pipe plugs (100 Series) - Manufacturer: (PLUG-IT)

Multi-Size pipe plugs (600 Series) - Manufacturer: (PLUG-IT)

High Pressure Pipe Plugs (800 Series) - Manufacturer (PLUG-IT)

The following plugs are rated for a max back pressure of 150 PSI

The following plugs are rated for a max back pressure of 200 PSI

The following plugs are rated for a max back pressure of 250 PSI

Multi-size High Pressure Pipe Plugs for pipe sizes from 4" thru 42".

Multi-Size high pressure pipe plugs - Manufacturer: (CHERNE)

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