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Jet Power Sewer Line Degreaser:

Jet Power cleans more lines in less time and virtually eliminates unscheduled stoppages caused by grease. Reduce the time required to clean grease laden lines and extend times between required cleanings.

Jet Power completely dissolves in water and is based on petroleum derivative hydrocarbons and special surfactants. When performing sewer line maintenance, it is used in high pressure cleaning equipment to help break up and liquefy grease so that it inhibits the grease from re-solidifying even when in contact with cold water.

Jet Power will wick into the hardened grease lining the walls of the pipe in sewer mains and laterals, causing it to break up and become liquefied and slows down the formation of new grease deposits. Once liquefied, the grease will flow through the system without causing any further problems. Its elimination of grease problems helps prevent clogs and its pleasing scent helps deodorize bad odors associated with wastewater.

Jet Power is completely compatible with all high pressure cleaning equipment and has been certified by a national manufacturer of sewer cleaning equipment. For additional technical data and material safety data sheets, please call us at 800-225-2952 and we will promptly email or fax the information to you. Thank You!

Recommended Application:

- In high pressure sewer cleaning trucks, a 2% solution is used for problem    lines that have not been previously treated.

- Routine follow-up preventative maintenance cleaning would employ a 1%    solution: (10 gallons of Jet Power to 1000 gallons of water)

- Pressure on the cleaning stroke would be applied at approximately 1200    psi using the two inch high pressure penetrating nozzle

- 1,000 gallons of solution will treat approximately 1500 feet of sewer line

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